Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Masdar solar power plant connects to grid

The 10MW solar power plant for Abu Dhabi’s carbon neutral Masdar city has been connected to the grid.
The facility is the largest grid connected solar power plant in the Middle East and North Africa and was officially switched on by Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority chairman Sheikh Diab bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Sunday.
The £30.4M facility by solar firm Enviromena comprises 87,777 photovoltaic modules covering an area of 22.3HA, with a total generating capacity of 10MW. It will produce 17,500 MWh of electricity per year.
“This represents a major milestone in the development of Masdar City and Abu Dhabi’s decision to achieve a 7% renewable energy target by 2020,” said Enviromena chief executive Sami Khoreibi.
“Solar energy is a highly complementary addition to the region’s power portfolio as it produces the most energy during the height of the day, when power demand is also at its peak. The Masdar 10MW Solar Power Plant is a catalyst for the wide scale implementation of clean energy solutions in the Middle East and North Africa.”

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