Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Empowering Australia

Australia is to build its biggest wind farm in far western New South Wales - which should produce electricity for more than 400,000 homes once completed and will help to secure NSW's future energy needs...
The £1 billion wind farm, which will be constructed in Silverton, near Broken Hill, will contain 600 turbines. State Government approval for the eco project has already been given.
Plans for this wind farm were originally suggested in 2007 by the renewable energy group Epuron, part of the Macquarie Group.
Premier Nathan Rees said, "The construction of Silverton Wind Farm Developments (SWFD) wind farm is great news for jobs and the economy in the far west and even better news for the environment.
"A single wind turbine will generate enough energy to power up to 732 homes per year which is the equivalent of taking around 1,170 cars off the road annually.
"The new wind farm will also create 700 jobs in the Broken Hill area during the five-year construction period and 120 jobs when up and running,"
added Mr Rees.
Stage one will involve erecting 282 wind turbines, with the number increasing to 598 by the final stage. This final part was approved for construction on the conditions Epuron adhere to noise guidelines, maintain visual amenity and limit environmental impacts.
In a typical year the wind farm would be able to contribute up to 4.5 per cent of the total energy needs of NSW and would be amongst the largest projects anywhere in the world.
Martin Poole, Executive Director of Epuron said, "Our wind monitoring equipment north of Silverton in western NSW has revealed an amazing wind resource which will power the wind turbines when completed."
NSW had so far approved 14 wind farms with a total capacity output of 2,486 megawatts since 2005.
Premier Mr Rees added, "When all of these wind farms are up and running they will save more than six million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
"This is the same as taking over one million cars off the road and will have capacity to power approximately 800,000 houses,"
he added.
NSW has an excellent resource on a world-wide basis, and competitive with wind farms in better known wind regions like Tasmania and South Australia.
These wind speeds, combined with a strong transmission system, high base-load energy prices and the largest electricity demand in the country, mean NSW is the best location in Australia for wind farms.

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