Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Opportunities exist for 10,000 skilled jobs, union believes

Britain could become home to thousands of new skilled manufacturing, engineering and construction jobs over the next few years should plans for a new generation of energy sources be realised.
That is according to the UK's biggest union, Unite, which has thrown its weight behind proposals for a diversification into 'clean coal' and nuclear power, alongside green alternatives such as wave and wind energy farms.
Notably, as well as helping to secure the UK's energy future, such a development could create "major opportunities" for jobs in the short-term, while also providing a much-needed boost to British industry and as such helping to create jobs in numerous sectors over the longer-term future.
"With the right support from the UK government, Britain could become the centre for a global engineering supply chain - 10,000 skilled manufacturing jobs could be created as a result," Unite's national officer Dougie Rooney is to tell a special conference in London.
"The demand for components and equipment from power generation companies gives UK manufacturing companies huge opportunities to expand."
Earlier this month, the French reactor manufacturer Areva labelled the UK as one of the most "attractive" markets for nuclear power in the world, with strong growth likely over the next few years.

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