Saturday, 27 June 2009

Green energy could create tens of thousands of construction jobs

Approximately 70,000 construction jobs could be created in England and Wales if buildings utilised green energy.

This is according to Friends of the Earth, which said that thousands of new positions would be made available if homes and businesses were fitted with green energy such as solar panels.

Such a development can only occur if councils agree to the measures, which would drastically reduce harmful climate-changing emissions. Andy Atkins, Friends of the Earth's executive director, said that cities and villages up and down the country "could really use a boost from new green jobs".

"Some pioneering councils are already leading the way through comprehensive home insulation programmes and installing green energy like solar panels to buildings," he commented. Friends of the Earth campaign Get Serious About CO2 aims to highlight the role that councils can play in reducing carbon emissions. Mr Atkins said earlier this month that, in addition to developing renewable power, councils should reduce energy waste to curb emissions levels.

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