Friday, 19 June 2009

Device to help home renewables choices

Is your company or family thinking about becoming greener? But how do you know if a solar panel will generate a meaningful amount of electricity and, even better, what will be the payback period? Or will a wind turbine be more efficient?
You can find out by using a neat little bird sized gadget that you can fix on your chimney or lash to a pole in the area that you are planning for your microgeneration plant.
Gauging power potential
It will compare data on your energy generating capabilities over 30 days and then pump out a power report listing the product options available, payback periods, C02 emission savings and power generating potential so you can choose what to do.
The Power Predictor was launched last week by ecologist and independent energy consultant Toby Hammond. He had been inundated with people asking for advice the best renewable energy product to install at home. Now he has the answer.
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